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Bret Blevins, American comic book artist, animation storyboard artist, and painter.

Since 1981, Bret has been bringing fantasy into reality. Welcome to the new site! Welcome to Bret's world....

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More about Bret

The career, the work, and the man. The work goes beyond the comic stand....

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Artwork Galleries

A party for your eyes!

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Bret Blevins Productions

New information about Bret's latest projects from the source!

The latest news

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I did a little car shopping at the Big Wow Show–I liked the look of this model a lot, but it didn’t seem practical for rain or snow driving. The engine was kinda noisy too–
Atomic …

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Big Wow 2014

I attended the Big Wow show in San Jose this year and had a wonderful time, reunited with old friends I hadn’t seen in person for years, decades in some instances. I also hadn’t traveled …

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Back in the Saddle…

After unaccustomed travel and excitement (including sickness–I picked up a bug in my wanderings) over the last two months I’m finally settling back into a work routine–I’ll be posting in-progress work along with older art …