Harley the Destroyer!

This page was conceived as a homage/parody of Frank Frazetta’s “Conan the Destroyer” painting, which is attached below the Harley image–also attached is a Johnny Comet strip featuring the character “Pop” Bottle, who is caricatured as the head flying toward the audience. I even referenced “Fritz” and “Fleagle” (two of Frazetta’s nicknames from his comic book days) as grafitti, to acknowledge the gag and insure no one would think I was outright swiping 🙂 I assumed that familiarity with Frazetta’s work was ubiquitous and the joke would be obvious, but I think my age betrayed me in this case, as the image was changed quite a bit before publication and the parody is not too evident there–but I had a good chuckle drawing it!

Harley Frazetta parody

Harley Frazetta parody



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