Inktober 2015

As the beginning of a commitment to post frequently here, I’m participating in Inktober this year. In order to control my time, I’ve set rules–my friend Weezie Simonson posted a list (attached) of Halloween-themed subjects for the entire month, which I’ll be using. The drawings will be small, contained in a single sketchbook—and after many years away from them I’ve decided to use my ancient old-school ink tools for all the pieces. Pictured are a Gillott 303 steel nib pen, a grand old German-made sable brush, and Dr. Martin’s Black Star Matte india ink. The square bottle has been evaporated a bit to make it thicker for use with the brush.

I’m spending no more than 10-15 minutes per drawing (a sketch, really), and doing the first thing that pops into my head–no rumination–based on the prompt from Weezie’s list. So far it’s been fun, in spite of the fact that my left arm is bound in a sling for the rest of the month, which makes inking tricky, since I can’t use my left hand to steady or tilt the paper to make certain strokes easier to control. Well, all life is sorrowful, as the saying goes…


Let me know what you think–  🙂


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  1. “Oh I’ll just sketch out the first thing that pops in my head and only spend ten minutes on it and it will be amazing and perfect cause I’m Bret Blevins pffffffffftttttttttttt”. Leave some talent for the rest of us.

  2. I’m writing this a year later and I’m attempting to do Inktober 2016. I found this post when I was looking up the Inktober prompts. Now, I want to quit after seeing what you do in ten minutes! And one handed! Totally, unbelievably amazing.

    (I’m not really gonna quit…)

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