PHX Comic Con 2014 Cosplay Pictures, Con’t

Street Fighter Chun Li cosplay

I’m not much for fighting games, but this stellar cosplay of Street Fighter regular Chun Li makes me reconsider!

Watchmen Comedian, DC Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy cosplay

The Comedian from Alan Moore’s “Watchmen” is keeping an eye on DC’s Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn. They may be too much for him!

I, Tim Blevins, am lucky to be with my girlfriend, Olivia.  She's so pretty! She also helped us out a lot at the booth.

I, Tim Blevins, am lucky to be with my girlfriend, Olivia. She’s so pretty! She also helped us out a lot at the booth.

Crowd! 2 Crowd! 3 Crowd! 4 Crowd! 5 Crowd! 6 Crowd! 7 Crowd! 8 Crowd! 9 Crowd! 10 Crowd! 11 Crowd! 12

PHX comic con 2014 crowds

There were so many people at comicon, it defies descriptions. Check out the pics and be amazed.

Spaceballs Vespa, Dark Helmet cosplay

Lord Dark Helmet and Princess Vespa make an appearance. Spaceballs forever!

Marvel Deadpool, DC Harley Quinn Cosplay

Deadpool and Harley are from Marvel and DC, respectively, but they go together oddly well, in terms of color scheme and personality! Great costumes here.

Spaceballs, Dot Matrix, Barf Cosplay

I haven’t watched Spaceballs in a long time, but now I want to right away. Dot Matrix and Barf look stunning in this cosplay.

Disney, The Princess and the Frog Dr. Facilier Cosplay

Dr. Facilier from Disney’s “The Princess and the Frog.” He looks ready to summon his friends on the other side!

Marvel, Dr. Strange Cosplay

A famous Marvel character brought to life in this tremendous costume. Magical!

PHX Comic Con 2014 Dragon Skull display

Another shot of the dragon skull. Super neat!

PHX Comic Con 2014 Dragon skull display

A suspended Dragon skull. Cool!

Edward Scissorhands Cosplay

Edward Scissorhands, what a great movie, what a great character. In this case, what a great costume!

Bioshock Infinite Elizabeth cosplay

I haven’t played Bioshock Infinite yet, but I know this cosplayer’s Elizabeth costume was spot-on!

Halo Reach Emile Cosplay

I enjoyed Halo Reach–probably more than Emile, who died fighting the covenant invasion. For such a tough guy, he has a very proper name.

Loki female cosplay

Loki never looked so good! A wonderful twist on a popular character.

Half-Life 2 Gordon Freeman cosplay

I love HL2, and evidently so do these guys! Gordon Freeman on the right, complete with gravity gun, and a resistance medic accompanying. Follow Freeman!

Warhammer 30k Space Marine cosplay

For a moment, I was afraid he was an actual genetically-engineered space marine. Such an amazing costume.

Frankenstein monster cosplay

Frankenstein’s monster never looked so good! The lightbulbs on the neck lit up, very impressive costume.

Furry creature cosplay

I don’t know what character this is, but he looks amazing! I bow to all the cosplayers that suffered the PHX heat for their art.

Furry Creature cosplay

An original character! He’s looking pretty slick in that suit.

Furry creatures cosplay

Two fuzzy buddies. The mouths moved and everything!

Lord of the Rings, Gandalf Cosplay

Gandalf the Grey allowed us to pass, so we flew like fools.

MST3K Cosplay, Tom Servo

I love Mystery Science Theater 3000, and don’t get to watch it so much as I’d like. Neat cosplay with an awesome Tom Servo prop!

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