Pencil Sketch Commission


Looking to have a one of a kind pencil sketch created and signed by Bret Blevins?  Every year at Comic-Con Bret creates unique pieces for fans.  And now you can request your own unique piece of art from Bret through this site.  Not everyone gets to go to Comic-Con, right?

You can request 1 favorite character drawn to your specifications.  The piece will be on an 8×10 inch to 8.5×11 inch sheet.  After signing up for your commission piece Bret will contact you via e-mail to find out what character you’d like and how you’d like them posed.

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Commission comic pieces from Bret Blevins.  Each category of commission work (pencil, ink, or full color) includes 1 character of your choice.  Additional characters and backgrounds can be done for an additional fee.

Once you’ve made your deposit on the commission type of your choice, Bret Blevins will contact you via e-mail to discuss what you’d like the character(s) to be doing, how you’d like them posed, etc.  The piece will be on an 8×10 inch to 8.5×11 inch sheet.

There is a flat rate shipping and handling fee of $7.50.  For shipping outside of the U.S. please contact Bret first.