PHX Comic Con 2014 Cosplay Pictures

Chell and Wheatley Chell and Wheatley again. She has a chainsaw and sharp teeth--don't mess with her! Wreck-It Ralph cosplay, complete with Fix-It Felix plushie. It's 2014, and they're still hunting for moose and squirrel. Yet another good reason to stay off the planet Pandora. The galaxy's most laconic bounty hunter turned up at the 2014 PHX Comic Con. Marvel's ...

Queen Amidala

Two stages of a Queen Amidala commission for my friend John Higashi–the pencil layout and the inking in progress. I had a lot of fun with this one 🙂             More pics tomorrow…!


The always calm-among-the-chaos Tim…

Magic Teapot

Here I am brewing the breakfast tea with the flaming power of my overheated mind…  


Working on a sketch of demonic Magic…

Oogie Boogie

Tim hanging with Oogie Boogie, who’s gonna do the best he can….

Heroes and Villains Truce

Everyone seemed to be in a friendly mood—Batman and Bane mingled with the crowd and showed no rancor toward each other at all…

Jessica Rabbit

We ran into Jessica Rabbit hunting for her husband…

Phoenix Comic Con 2014

I’m just back from the 2014 Phoenix Comic Con! I’m very tired, but had a fine time meeting so many nice people, both fans and pros. I saw old friends, and my son Tim and I previewed a teaser of Epoch, our project in development. It will take me a week to recover, but it was worth it 🙂

The Phoenix Comicon June 5th to the 8th

Hey everyone.  The blog has been a little quiet as Bret has been preparing for the Phoenix Comicon.  He’ll be in Phoenix for the con, and from what I understand there will be a preview of something new coming from Bret! So, if you’re heading to the show this week, make sure to stop in and say hi to Bret!